There is help,
There is hope,
You are not alone!

45mins | $75
Peer Support
60mins | $100


There is help, There is hope, You are not alone!

45mins | $75
Peer Support
60mins | $100


There is help, There is hope,
You are not alone!

45mins | $75
Peer Support
60mins | $100

Referral Consultation

Looking for direction on the right therapist for you? Chrissie will discuss what you or your loved one is experiencing in order to get you to the right therapist.
Within 24 hours of your consultation, you will receive an email of hope, where you will find a compiled list of resources to help jump-start your journey to recovery.
In this email, Chrissie will provide therapist referrals, websites, books, support groups, and any other resources that may help on your journey to recovery. This session is $75.00 Schedule an appointment today and see what she can do for you.
Please visit to schedule or email Chrissie directly at Help is just an email away!

Peer Support Consultation

In a peer support session, Chrissie will use her lived experience with OCD treatment and recovery to help give insight into what you or your loved one is experiencing.
There are many questions surrounding treatment, and fears may arise that Chrissie can help you process and navigate through while you begin this journey.
Chrissie will send you an email of hope within 24 hours of the session with a compiled list of therapist referrals and other resources to educate and help you feel less alone. This session is $100 and lasts 50-60 minutes.
Please visit for more information and to contact Chrissie, or email her directly at Help is just an email away!!

Let’s Get Acquainted…

Chrissie would like to talk with you via video chat or phone about what you have experienced to learn how she
can help get you on the path to recovery. It is imperative to find a therapist who can treat OCD with evidence &
research based treatment. Many therapists claim to treat OCD, but are not using effective treatment which can make
symptoms worse, waste time and money, and cause the individual to lose hope. Chrissie can provide you with resources and
therapist referrals to save you time, money, and suffering. To schedule your consultation, please email Chrissie directly at and include a brief description of your experience.

Chrissie Hodges
Internationally Acclaimed
OCD Recovery Consultant/Peer Support,
Author & 2017 IOCDF ‘Hero Award’ Recipient

Chrissie Hodges is a mental health advocate and public speaker on Obsessive-Compulsive disorder and stigma reduction for mental health. She is the author of “Pure OCD: The Invisible Side of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder”.

Chrissie works as a Peer support/coach and as a therapy coach with Effective OCD Treatment. She is a presenter at the Crisis Intervention Team training for Denver Police & Sheriff Departments. Chrissie is a professional blog & Vlog contributor for ‘Mental Health on The Mighty’. Chrissie is also a commissioner on the Colorado Suicide Prevention Commission.

She is an ‘In Our Own Voice’ presenter for NAMI Colorado and sits on the Colorado Advisory board for Mental Health Standards & Regulations. Chrissie is a certified peer support specialist in the state of Colorado and holds a BS in Psychology.

As a peer support/coach Chrissie works with people who have identified their symptoms to be anxiety/OCD related, pre-treatment, during treatment, post-treatment, and working toward recovery. Peer support is essential in working through the emotional turmoil that accompanies a diagnosis and treatment of OCD and mental illness. Chrissie uses her lived experience with mental illness to help others work through and overcome the shame, guilt, and emotions of stigma, helping them to find peace and acceptance in their experience.

Chrissie can provide her services via skype, phone, or in person. The hours of support are highly flexible and each peer support package is tailored to their individual needs.


Jamie Swegarden, Licensed
Clinical Social Worker

“As a person who lives with OCD, Chrissie’s knowledgeable and an advocate that I would want on my side to support me through the process should I ever need it someday”


Melissa Hunter: MA LPCC

“I have seen Chrissie help people move from despair and hopelessness to having full, rich lives with meaning and texture”


Kerry Bastian: Psychiatric

“Chrissie’s expertise is with OCD, having lived that for a large majority of her life, and helping support others in their struggles with OCD. I can highly recommend her to offer support to you or your loved one”

What is OCD?

In the U.S., approximately 3.3 million people have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder a tormenting,
tortuous disorder comprised of obsessions, compulsions, and anxiety.

Obsessions are unwanted and intrusive thoughts or beliefs which are accompanied by anxiety.
Compulsions are ritualistic behaviors an individual will engage in to temporarily relieve the anxiety. Compulsions can
manifest in many ways. Individuals may have outward, physical compulsions such as hand-washing, or mental
compulsions such as avoidance or seeking reassurance. Diagnostic tests are available for OCD such as the Yale Brown
Obsessive Compulsive Scale. OCD can be diagnosed by an OCD therapist, general practitioner, psychiatrist, licensed therapist,
or nurse practitioner. OCD is a chronic, medical condition which requires treatment via medication and/or therapy.

There is effective, evidence-based treatment for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Individuals can be treated through
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with Exposure Response Prevention (ERP). Many therapists will use Mindfulness
techniques to supplement ERP practices. It is imperative that OCD is treated with CBT/ERP therapy. If your treatment
provider is not using CBT/ERP, please schedule a resource consultation or peer support session with Chrissie and she
will help you find a therapist in your area or through tele-therapy who can help you find the path to recovery.

What if I Don’t
Have OCD & I’m
Just Crazy!

“It’s a very common secondary
fear for you to worry that you
don’t have OCD…but OCD
can be treated, there is
effective treatment, you can
learn to manage it and live
a successful life”

OCD Sexual
Obsessions &
Groinal Movement

“I knew this was part of OCD.
I knew it because of treatment.
But knowing it is so prevalent
among those of us that suffer
just made me feel so much
less alone!”

OCD Sexual
& Violent

“If you think you are alone in
whatever intrusive thought
that you have, you are NOT!
There are so many people out
there that live with this type
of OCD and there is treatment
available. I am living proof
of that”

“Every person living with mental illness is worthy of a good life, love, happiness, and deserves the chance to live in recovery. Recovery is possible for anyone.”

— Chrissie hodges -OCD Advocate

PURE OCD: The Invisible Side of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Chrissie Hodges lives with Pure OCD. As one of the most stigmatized, unknown, and shameful types of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Pure O causes sufferers to doubt the thoughts entering their mind, as well as doubt their moral compass. With the onset of symptoms at age 8, Chrissie quickly learned to adhere to silence, cope with the debilitating obsessions through mental rituals, and create a façade of a life to the outside world.

For 12 years, Chrissie endured sexual, violent, and gruesome obsessions ruled by scrupulosity. With no outward compulsions, the defining characteristic of Pure O, she was able to hide the rumination, avoidance, and mental rituals that occupied up to 10-12 hours per day. Weaving in and out of depressive states, Chrissie functioned with the belief that her behavior as a ‘moral person’ determined the intensity of the bad thoughts. The circular entrapment of being a falsified, imaginary, and individualized martyr was excruciating.

At age 20, Chrissie fell into a deep depression. Her rituals could no longer sustain the demand of theorem proof or disproof of her unsolvable obsessions. Suicide became the only reasonable and viable option. While escaping life was the absolute last option she wanted, Chrissie believed the shameful, embarrassing, and guilt ridden obsessions were an innate part of her moral being, lending to her belief that she did not deserve to live. Her scrupulosity did not argue that point. She felt as if to protect her family and friends from the shameful person she was, suicide was the only option.

In December 1998, Chrissie survived a horrific suicide attempt from a self-inflicted wound and attempt at hypothermia. After surgery and psychological evaluation, Chrissie was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Her obsession/compulsion combination did not follow the ‘normal’ and mainstream definition of OCD, prompting her to find the community of sufferers with ‘Pure O’. Pure O is defined as the branch of OCD with intrusive and unwanted thoughts accompanied by mental rituals. A year after her hospitalization, Chrissie had extensive Exposure Response Prevention therapy (ERP) to eradicate her primary obsession and teach her to manage Pure O on a daily basis.

After battling the personal stigma associated with mental illness and struggling through the 5 stages of recovery, Chrissie is now an outspoken advocate for Pure O, stigma reduction, and peer support. Chrissie works as a Peer Support in Denver, Colorado in the State Institute as well as transition clients in the community. She is a facilitator for Peer Support training. She hosts a weekly radio podcast, ‘Mental Illness Matters Radio’ featuring individuals who live successfully with mental illness. Chrissie is a CBT/ERP coach for Effective OCD Treatment in Denver, CO. She is a public speaker and a valued member of the Crisis Intervention Team training for the Denver Police Department and Denver Sheriff’s Department.

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