OCD Specialists Near Me

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OCD Specialists Near Me

Obsessive-Compulsive disorder is a disorder comprised of unwanted, intrusive thoughts accompanied by anxiety, and mental or physical compulsions performed by the individual in attempt to temporarily alleviate the anxiety. OCD can effectively be treated by therapy and/or medication. Medication can be prescribed and monitored to help manage the anxiety, symptoms, and depression from OCD by a doctor. Effective therapy to help individuals manage OCD is called Exposure Response Prevention (ERP). This is evidence-based therapy that teaches individuals to manage their response to unwanted, intrusive obsessions. It is imperative to work with a trained therapist in ERP, but finding one near you can sometimes be difficult.

There may be many therapists in your area who claim to treat individuals with OCD, however if they are not averse in treating OCD clients with ERP, they are not effectively treating the disorder. For more information on why therapists may claim to treat OCD when they don’t, please read ‘Therapists Who Treat Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder’. Receiving OCD counseling from a therapist not using ERP can be detrimental to recovery and may make symptoms worse. Please do not waste time or money on therapists claiming to treat OCD who do not use the evidence-based practice of ERP.

Finding an OCD Specialist near you may be difficult, however there are many specialists who use HIPAA compliant tele-therapy systems that benefit those who need access to OCD treatment around the world. Many OCD Specialists are licensed in several states to serve the needs of those who may not have OCD specific therapy available in their states. Also, many OCD specialists will provide OCD tele-therapy across state and country lines.

Cost of therapy can be a burden to individuals as many OCD specialists do not accept insurance. To combat this, therapists may have associates in their practice who can offer services at a lesser cost and/or a therapist may offer a sliding scale of costs to individuals who cannot afford a full rate. If cost is a barrier to receiving treatment, please inquire to the therapist if there are any options for a rate that can fit your budget. It also may be beneficial to inquire about a single-case agreement from your insurance company for OCD treatment.

To find an OCD specialist near you, it is important to do research on the therapist and know what to ask to find out if they are effective in treating OCD. Therapists that specialize in treating OCD will have extensive experience in working with individuals in treatment for OCD. You can ask for testimonials, success stories, or be in contact with individuals who have been successfully treated for OCD by the therapist (mindful of HIPAA compliance regulations). A therapist who effectively treats OCD will use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with Exposure Response Prevention Therapy. If they are not using ERP to treat OCD, they are not using evidence-based practices and will not be able to help you with the most effective OCD treatment plan. Also, you can ask if the therapist has been trained through the Behavioral Therapy Training Institute (BTTI). This is an intensive 3-day training on best treatment practices for OCD. However, just because a therapist has been trained through BTTI does not mean they are effective at treating OCD. A therapist MUST use ERP to treat OCD.

There may not be an OCD specialist near you, but that does not mean you won’t be able to receive effective treatment for OCD. Tele-therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy for OCD and there are therapists willing to treat OCD in any region of the world through this means of therapy. If you are looking for an OCD specialist near you or for tele-therapy, please contact Chrissie Hodges at www.treatmentforocd.com and she can help get you on the right path for recovery for OCD.