Treating OCD

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Treating OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive disorder is a disorder causing unwanted, intrusive obsessions accompanied by anxiety. An individual will perform compulsions to provide temporary relief from the anxiety caused by the obsessions. There is a great deal of research on the causes of OCD, however treatment focuses only on learning to manage the symptoms. Effective treatment for OCD is through Exposure Response Prevention therapy and/or medication prescribed and monitored by a doctor.

Obsessions can be all-consuming for individuals which may lead them to believe there could be a latent cause for why an obsession has occurred. This is simply untrue and any attempt at validating such a theory can create exacerbated symptoms and an increase in anxiety and depression. Trauma-based therapy or talk therapy can lead the person to believe there is some unknown truth to an obsession which creates more distress and may lead to worsening symptoms. The cause of OCD in an individual is a completely separate issue than the cause of an obsession. These lines may get blurred and can cause great distress for the individual.

There is no rhyme or reason why an individual develops a particular obsession. The cause of a particular obsession is because the individual was pre-disposed to developing OCD and that particular obsession happened to be the obsession that hooked. Any type of speculation into why an obsession developed can be damaging in working toward recovery and can set an individual back in treatment.
Effective treatment for OCD treats the behavioral response to the intrusive obsession. Effective treatment does not explore the insight into why a particular obsession develops. Effective treatment does not engage in why a person has OCD. Effective treatment aims to train an individual to have control over their reactions to intrusive and unwanted thoughts. Individuals may believe if they can pinpoint the ‘cause’ of OCD or their particular obsession, the symptoms will be reduced or relieved, but this is false. Effective treatment for OCD focuses only on how to treat the OCD, not the origins or reasons why an individual has OCD.

While there is a great deal of research pointing to causes of OCD in individuals, it is important to stay focused on finding the right therapist for OCD, resources for support, and getting effective treatment to manage OCD. If you are looking for an OCD specialist and/or resources in your area, please contact Chrissie Hodges at Chrissie can help get you on the right path to living in recovery from OCD.